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Savanna’s Raving Romantics

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Music To My Ears

Happy book birthday to Music To My Ears!

Everyone needs a little Peach Logic.

Savanna Grey brings you the second installment to the Peach Logic series.


Riding on a natural high from headlining their first tour, Jesse Alston is enjoying being back in her home state of Georgia. That is until she literally butts heads with rodeo favorite Austen Taylor.


He thinks she’s a diva. She thinks he’s a conceited thrill seeker.

Tragedy brings them together, opening not only their eyes but their hearts for one little girl. Tensions rise as sparks ignite between the country princess and the rodeo cowboy. Purpose brings them together. Outside forces threaten to pull them apart.

They’re both married to the road. There isn’t room for anything or anyone else, is there?

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