Snarky is the new green…

Generally I stay within the comfortable and welcoming surrounding of my own personal bubble. I have selective close friends I trust like most of us do, but I do venture out to make new friends in the author community. It is because of that venture to create a new circle of peers to brainstorm with, share ideas, and grow as a new writer that I met and made a very cherished new friend practically in my own back yard.

As of late, I have watched drama after drama unfold on social media in the indie community. I truly do not understand someone’s need to belittle, slander, and flat-out campaign against another author. Do I wish to be a best seller? Of course I do, but I want to get there on the legs of my own efforts and enjoyment of my readers.

Publishing is a highly competitive industry with new authors publishing every day. I was a reader before I was a writer. I love to surf and one-click authors I have never read. Some of my favorite authors are ones that I have taken a chance on because I thought the story sounded interesting — Marie Force, Vi Kneeland, Lynda Chance, Clover Autrey R.L. Mathewson to name just a few.

My dad used to tell me when I was a teenager holed-up in my bedroom reading that I was going to have the skinniest eyes of any kid he’d ever seen. I love to read which led to my love of writing. Opening myself up to share my stories is one of the scariest, most painful and most rewarding things I have ever done. It’s right up there with giving birth to my four children.

So when we put ourselves out there, I don’t have unrealistic expectations that everyone will love my story, but I do have hopes they will give my a chance.

I have had the blessing of a handful of people who willingly mentored me through my first self-publishing process. I will be forever grateful to the likes of authors Josie Bordeaux, Samantha Chase and A L Jackson for their kindness as well as  friend, family and designer Deanna Hatmaker.

Paying that kindness forward to other new authors when I can be of assistance is a wonderful feeling. I guess that’s why I am at such a loss of how some people take such joy in hurting others.

I have experienced a little of the other side with bloggers not responding or wanting to include me because I wasn’t popular enough or attended signings where authors wouldn’t give you the time of day. Hey, that’s their prerogative, right? You have to have some thick skin sometimes and let go of what isn’t important.

I guess what prompted  me sharing my thoughts today is just this week I witnessed yet another petty attack on a very successful author who was blocked from a group and had no idea why. The negative onslaught that commenced swallowed up my feed.

Don’t we have enough negative events around us? My God, I can barely stand to even look at the news.

So while it certainly chaps my hide to see people be so hateful, I can certainly choose to ignore it. Let’s give attention to the positive things and people around us and not the asshats that surround us.

In the words of Taylor Swift I’m gonna continue to shake it off (although in my mind I might be throat-punching some people).

I just have to ask. Why ya gotta be so mean?