#TakingCareOfBusiness is FREE

I have so many good things going on with my new book I want to share the love. I am so attached to this story in #TakingCareOfBusiness I want everyone to read it. So it’s FREE for the next 72 hours. 

Just go to Smashwords and use code PR73N at checkout.

Enjoy and if you love it please leave a review on Amazon. Muah!


Temperatures are not the only thing ramping up around here. Just take a look at my schedule! 

Some exciting things are happening. What, you ask? I’m so glad you did.

In all seriousness the creative juices have been overflowing, so much so that I will be releasing a book next month under an additional pen name and new genre. 

Allow me to introduce you to S L Michaels (that’s me). I am so very hopeful this new initiative will touch hearts and reach one person at a time to make a difference. 

Look for the release of #OutOfTheAshes from S L Michaels in July. Until then please follow on Facebook, Twitter and her website.


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