10 Thing You May Not Know About Me

10 things

10. I love to glamp. Okay, it’s camping on wheels…my mobile hotel. I love it. I have never felt more relaxed than when we park for a weekend and let the world just slip away. My favorite meal is breakfast, cooked outside. Bacon, eggs, sausage and pancakes. Yum!

9. I’m a Yankee that has been converted to a Southerner. Y’all is standard vocabulary. Although I have not accepted collard greens as a staple, I do love butter beans and squash. Family is everything. Biscuits go with everything. Bless your heart. We are always a polite group, even when we are setting you straight. Sweet Tea. ‘Nough said.

8. I do not cook. Remember the Southern husband I mentioned? He’s an amazing cook and the complete reason I have gained so much weight since we married 17 years ago. Everything is fried and absolutely delicious.

7. I have four children (17-26) and three grandchildren (6 mo – 3 years). I know, right? I’m too young for that. LOL

6. I’m a Pride and Prejudice junkie. I have read the book a gazillion times and watched the movies (black and white and the Kiera Knightley version) just as much. I never tire of it. It was THE book that made me fall in love with Jane Austin and cemented my hopeless romantic status in the tenth grade.

5. I hate writing love scenes. (Face palm). I’m pretty much a fade to black kind of writer. Don’t get me wrong. I read lots of other genres and love them, but I am not comfortable writing the hot and heavy sex scenes. Nope. Not gonna happen.

4. Met my husband in a country music chat room (back when those were the thing). Yes, it is true. My children cringe at the story and even lecture at how crazy that would be today. I agree. It was definitely fate intervening. One day I might make a story out of it.

3. I work with a bunch of pigs…literally. I’m a manager in a bacon manufacturing facility by day and a writer every other free hour.

2. I’m an organizational freak. I make lists. My lists have lists. Notes on my phones. A file for everything. The challenge is remembering what I was thinking when I named the file. Everything in its place. I can do that at work and in my writing cave. Life raising for children did not allow for that. We lived in our home, so my outlet for my obsessive organizing was in my own space.

1. I hate water. I have to have it flavored somehow. Thank goodness Crystal Lite started making a Pure label brand without artificial sugars and ingredients.