Change is in the wind…


Can you believe July is coming to a close? It was the 4th of July just yesterday, wasn’t it?

It has been a month of hot and even hotter days. Eck! I am definitely a winter person. I’m considering moving to Alaska. Trips to the beach, days by the pool and for my teen it has been days of sleeping in. As July comes to an end, we prepare for August. Things are definitiely ramping up starting next week.

I start a new adventure with a new day job after 15 years at my previous job. I am very excited. My daughter begins marching band practice Monday and it’s on from there- Band Camp, school starts, friday night football, dance class, piano and homework. My daughter and I have a rhythm during the school year. I’m writing in the cave while she is doing homework. It’s an accountability thing for us. 🙂

The next two weeks will also put dents in all our wallets, right? School shopping. I hear the groaning now. Not fun. I hate shopping with my teen. She can never decide what to buy and likes nothing. I threatened to send her to school naked if she didn’t find something last year. Let’s hope for a better outcome this year. Maybe I’ll let her Dad take her. He has more patience.

Don’t forget to check out RetailMeNot app for all the coupons. I can’t shop without it!

On the writing front, I will be finishing #OutOfTheAshes this next week. This new young adult inspirational – under my pen name SL Michales –  #StoneWall series is so very close to my heart. The first book focuses on addressing bullying. I hope you will read and share this book to reach out to all teens.

You can learn more about S L Michaels and the #StoneWall Challenge by visiting: and

Here’s to a great start to a new month!



Life runs interference

An update from S L Michaels…

Author S L Michaels

It’s been a month since my last update. Wow! Time flies when you are having fun…and not so much fun, right?

I’ve been crazy busy with the day job and in the writing cave, with family – especially the grandbabies. They own my heart, but I digress. See how easy it is to get sidetracked?

A few months ago during my morning commute God laid a new purpose on my heart, and since then the floodgates of life have filled my days with business. My focus has been challenged, even waned at times.

I have stepped back over the last two weeks and taken stock in my assets…my life assets, and I have made some exciting changes. All of the changes, by the way, would not have been possible without the grace, guidance and favor of the Lord. I say that with true conviction. I know these blessing have been…

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