RWA Shenanigans

All work and no play…we do play – I mean network.

Today is the last day of the Romance Writers of America Conference.

I was honestly leery of attending. This is my first time (haven’t said that in a while).

My brain in on processing overload. I am so happy I made the decision to attend.

I’ve met many, many authors – some I believe will be friends for life.

I’m rejuvenated and exhausted. Basically, I’m an oxymoron.

Best news for my followers? The score of wonderful books I’m bringing home to share.


2000 Women

What happens when 2000 romance writers converge together?


I am currently at the Romance Writers of America annual conference soaking up the greatness surrounding me.

Plotting new ideas and making new friends.

I’ll be sharing more with you next week!