You never know…

You never know when inspiration will strike. Traveling this week and stopped in a little Mexican restaurant/bar in a small town in Arkansas. I know. The first thing wrong with this picture is Mexican restaurant in Arkansas.
You never know what you will see or hear. I didn’t know we would get dinner and a show, but thanks to the local entertainment, I now have several new notes from my napkins to add to the story funnel.

True Love

Looking for perfection only sets expectations that no human being can meet, can they? No one is perfect – well, God but I haven’t been invited to his house yet. As I grow older and appreciate my husband more for the person he is, I have learned it’s the “weaknesses” in ourselves that give us humility.
I thank The Lord my husband loves me in spite of myself. 🙂
Young love, first love, everlasting love? What do you think makes it stick?
true love