Captured Heart (Garrett’s Point #1)

As time runs out, will Jack choose the path up the corporate ladder, or will he listen to his captured heart and choose love? Emma knows he will never be happy in a small town and sacrifices her own feelings for the happiness of his. Jack will have his work cut out for him if he intends to capture Heart.


Conflicted Hearts (Garrett’s Point #2)

Will ghosts of past and present jeopardize Kathryn's chance at a future with Grady, or will she be strong enough to accept the things she cannot change and embrace what is being offered? Who will win in the battle between conflicted hearts?


Stirring Up Trouble (Garrett’s Point #3)

Badass biker meets hometown girl. While opposites attract, will Melanie choose the safe and comfortable path or will she open herself up and face her fears to find a happiness beyond measure in the unknown?


Country Christmas

Amazon Best Selling Book Country Christmas welcomes you to Wilson’s Hollow. Spending time with Sara has reawakened Nate’s creative mojo. Lyrics are flowing as sparks ignite between them. Sara is pushing back, knowing Nate is only passing through, but when the day comes for Nate to go back on the road, will his lifelong dream of performing on the big stage mean more to him than finding lifelong happiness with Sara?


Music To My Ears

Savanna Grey brings you the second installment to the Peach Logic series. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Riding on a natural high from headlining their first tour, Jesse Alston is enjoying being back in her home state of Georgia. That is until she literally butts heads with rodeo favorite Austen Taylor. UNLIKELY PARTNERS He thinks she’s a diva. She thinks he’s a conceited thrill seeker. Purpose brings them together. Outside forces threaten to pull them apart. They’re both married to the road. There isn’t room for anything or anyone else, is there?


Peach Logic Series Book 1

Stringing Me Along

Savanna Grey’s Sweet with Heat Romance launches the first book in the new Peach Logic series If absence makes the heart grow fonder, what happens when you set someone free when you are completely and hopelessly in love with them? How do you ever get over them?