Ten Things I Hate About Summer

I can’t be alone in my dislike of this season. Please tell me I’m not. Of all the four seasons, summer is at the bottom of my like list. Today, for example was a heat index of 109 in the Carolinas. What?!?!

Here are ten reasons why I hate summer.

  1. Boob sweat – yes, I went there. I abhor a wet bra! Just, no.
  2. Swimsuits – Unfortunately, shorter clothing and less of it is not flattering to my short, round figure. The height I can thank my parents for. The size, I only have me to blame, but still not my best look.
  3. Mosquitoes, flies, spiders, ants, wasps and any other insect you can think of. Oh, can’t leave out snakes. Need I say more?
  4. Hot cars – It doesn’t take much to stretch the imagination to understand what a lobster must feel like when it is dropped into a boiling pot of water. Just get into your car on a day like today. I fairly certain I felt my skin melting.
  5. Flip flops – This is a love/hate relationship. I love the shoes. Their are so many styles to choose from. My feet on the other hand – or my toes- do not love flip flops. I have ugly toes. Is there such a thing as toe transplants?
  6. Make-up – is pointless.
  7. Hot flashes – increase in frequency and level of hotness (not in a good way).
  8. Allergies – I have not met a Flonase, Zyrtec, Benadryl or Sedated that helped.
  9. Utility bills – I do not do hot; therefore, my house stays cool – very cool. My power company loves me. My wallet – not so much.
  10. Gas prices – anyone else notice that gas prices tend to get jacked up when everyone is planning their vacations?

95 days and counting until the first day of Fall. Until then, I will enjoy not only writing but reading in the comfort of my air conditioning.

Shock without the Awe

The feeling you get when something happens to a favorite character on a television show or in a book…you know the gut-wrenching, heart-sinking feeling I’m talking about. It’s akin to real grief – well, as real as it can be for a fictional character you love.

Just such an event occurred last night – at least we think it did. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a #Heartie – a big fan of Hallmark’s When Calls The Heart. Last night’s episode left viewers with the assumption that Jack is dead.

Hearts were heard breaking (mine included) and Twitter lit up with messages from shocked fans outraged at the possibility their beloved Mountie Jack could be gone.

Why do we care so much about someone who isn’t real?

Why do we watch movies? Why do we read? It’s a break from a sometimes bleak reality to find joy in the stories the writers weave so beautifully. When the joy is taken away and replaced by sorrow, we tend to walk away. To much like real life, isn’t it?

I have no idea what will happen on next week’s season finale, but if Jack has truly been taken from the #Hearties, I fear the shock will have left the committed fans who are so enamored with Jack and Elizabeth in little awe of the season’s outcome.

I’m hoping the citizens of Hope Valley and all of the #Hearties receive a more positive outcome.


♥ Highly Anticipated Event ♥

If you’ve been following me or read my books, this will not be a news flash for you. I’m a hopeless romantic!

I swoon all over Hallmark movie heroes and heroines. Corny? Maybe, but it’s that short-lived escape from an all-to-unkind world as-of-late that warms my heart and inspires me to write stories that make people feel the way those movies and my friends’ books do for me.

Hope. Kindness. Love. Excitement. Trials. Frustrations. Joy. Sorrow.  All the feels exist, and tonight I’m among the other “hearties” eagerly awaiting the wedding of the year. No, I am not talking about the upcoming Royal wedding, although this couple is considered royalty among their friends in Hope Valley.

I am referring to the long-awaited nuptials of Jack and Elizabeth on When Calls the Heart. Did you hear my audible sigh? Thank you Janette Okes for writing such an amazing story that started it all.

I’m deep in the writing cave today, but I am excited and will pause to celebrate the union of Jack Thornton and Elizabeth Thatcher this evening.

Thank you Hallmark for bringing us lovely entertainment and to the cast of When Calls the Heart – you have truly captured our ♥.

Happy Wedding Day, Jack and Elizabeth.



Peach Logic Book 3 – It’s Beau’s turn

Talent And Virtuosity.

Write to the Heart is available now for pre-order!

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Savanna Grey completes the Peach Logic series with the much anticipated book Write to the Heart!

Happy in his own little world
Beau Tipton would rather be alone writing music than in a crowd on any given day. Writing is his first love…his only love as far as he is concerned.

Conquering the world one song at a time
Miranda Daley embraces life with a vigor most envy. The youngest and only daughter with four older brothers, she’s used to fighting for what she wants.

When Beau and Miranda are thrown together on a writing assignment, their different perspectives clash, threatening the success of their project. Beau finds Miranda irrational and a look before you leap kind of girl. Miranda is determined to drag Beau out of his comfort zone.

Beau isn’t certain they can find middle ground, especially since the aggravating women won’t leave him alone…even in the shower!

WTH teaser 2

Changing Times or Times Change

So, we did a thing this weekend. By we, I mean my husband and I. By thing, I mean began cleaning out closets for our upcoming move.

In July we will move from North Carolina to Virginia. While this will only be an hour-and-a-half move, there are many moving parts to this event.

Our youngest is graduating high school and going off to college. This is my husband’s baby duck, and he is so not ready to let her swim alone.

We will be leaving our three grandchildren – two who currently reside with us and one who is five minutes away.

We have lived in our current home for 15 years. We have four children we raised here. Oh, the stories these walls hold. The teenage years were not fun ones…at least not for the parents, but they are memories we cherish.

The thought of packing up this five bedroom home is intimidating at best. The garage alone scares me.

We are beginning a much-needed purging. We started with two of the closets this weekend. It felt good to eliminate things that have collected dust and no longer served a purpose for us.

We are taking it room by room as we prepare for the first of two or three yard sales. Hopefully items we no longer need will serve a purpose and bring joy to other families.

I couldn’t help but feel sad as I listened to my husband look through a box of his childhood memories and came close to tears as he found his mother’s and father’s death certificates.

So much happens in a short span of time. One thing is true. Times have changed a great deal in the last 15 years, and yet as times change, so must we to a certain extent. We are entering a new phase in our lives as a married couple.

To be honest we are both excited and nervous and sad and all the feels you could possibly imagine.

So, tonight and every Sunday night until we move, we will have our family dinner with our grown children and grandchildren and not take not even one moment for granted.

We aren’t promised tomorrow. Change is unavoidable. We can embrace it and find our place in it or be left behind to wallow in it.

I might work around pigs, but I don’t choose to be one, so I’m going to embrace what lies ahead.

Happy Sunday, friends.


Hello March

A new month. Wow! Is anyone else feeling like January and February flew past them without a how do you do?

Why is that?

For me, I’ve realized how often I end the day feeling completely spent and get up to rinse and repeat.

I don’t like that. I’ve lost site of the joy in simple things being buried in busyness.

I choose my new notebook because of its cover. I will use it every day for my to do list and notes.

I’m a list maker. 😃

Two things in particular I am focusing on.

One – make a difference. I’m not feeling like I do this recently. I want to. I’m hitting the reset button.

Two – speak kindly. It’s not that I don’t do this, it’s that I want to do more.

I believe the two actions above are intertwined. Being kind does and will make a difference. Words followed by actions are powerful.

I’m not talking about solving world hunger, but I can buy someone lunch or help carry their bags to their car.

How about that elderly neighbor? Maybe I could drop in and say hello.

I guess what I’ve realized as March blows in is I need to look up from my everyday whirlwind activity and pay attention – really look and speak – to the people around me.

At the end of the day when I lay my head down, I’d like to know I made a difference.

Music To My Ears

Happy book birthday to Music To My Ears!

Everyone needs a little Peach Logic.

Savanna Grey brings you the second installment to the Peach Logic series.


Riding on a natural high from headlining their first tour, Jesse Alston is enjoying being back in her home state of Georgia. That is until she literally butts heads with rodeo favorite Austen Taylor.


He thinks she’s a diva. She thinks he’s a conceited thrill seeker.

Tragedy brings them together, opening not only their eyes but their hearts for one little girl. Tensions rise as sparks ignite between the country princess and the rodeo cowboy. Purpose brings them together. Outside forces threaten to pull them apart.

They’re both married to the road. There isn’t room for anything or anyone else, is there?

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This is Us

Meet my better half. We are approaching our 18th wedding anniversary this February.


In celebration of our anniversary and the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we are doing something very different and hopefully fun for us and you.

My husband, Butch, is the cook in our house – one, because he loves to cook

and two, I’m not very good at it.

He has graciously and with a little arm twisting agreed to cook up one of our favorite recipes to share with you live. There will be food, fun and live interaction with you!

So, please join us for a Recipe For Love on February 11th Live on Facebook on my author page Author Savanna Grey Facebook 7p.m. EST as we cook up a fun time and reminisce on 18 years of mostly wedded bliss.


Love Unexpected Compilation

January is typically a blah kind of month, isn’t it? I know it is for me. My schedule generally includes a new release in February. This year is no different. What is different is that I decided to put together a few short stories to hopefully brighten your day and lighten your emotional load if just for a little while.

Love Unexpected is a compilation of sweet with heat short stories sure to warm the heart.

A successful advertising account executive, Abigail Bradley is not unaccustomed to handling challenging situations. She’s worked hard to not only build her client list but also her standing within her organization. Not even Alec Whitcombe is going to stand in her way.
Laura Crawford is turning thirty. She’s just been promoted. She has everything she’s ever wanted, or does she?
Sam and Lilly were high school sweethearts destined to be together…or so they thought until life threw Lilly a curve ball. Her dreams were put on hold while she forced Sam to go after his without her.

Mia Benedetti has made it her sole mission to thaw her boss’s heart. The only problem with her plan is her own heart may be in danger in the process.

Unexpected Love Short Stories cover jpg