Feeling Sentimental

I have always felt December 26th is one of the most depressing days after all the hype leading up to Christmas. Suddenly, its over.

This year I am feeling particularly sentimental. Our youngest is leaving for university next week. The baby is flying the nest, and we – her Dad and I (more sho Daddy) are struggling with this next stage of life. We are so proud and excited, but it is our baby duck. In today’s world, I’m more than a little afraid for her, but you can’t let fear hold you back from life. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Change happens whether you are ready or not. I’ve experienced a lot of bumps this year with my writing. Life interruptus as I refer to it. We moved to a new state, I started a new job a year ago, and our daughter and two children moved with us, one of which is autistic. If you follow me, you know how special family is to me and how much I adore being a Nana. Elijah holds a very special place in our heart. Nana Bear is a beast when it comes to feeling protective over him. It has been a difficult transition moving for him, and we are all adjusting.

So, the writing was pushed to the back burner, quietly simmering and waiting for the flavor to be just right.

With the new year approaching, I am feeling a peace and contentment I haven’t felt in quite some time. My creative flame is glowing and my writing mojo is flowing. I’m excited to sit down at the keyboard once again.

So today, instead of feeling melancholy, I’m feeling excited about the upcoming changes in life and writing.

I’m working out the book release schedule as I type this. You will see what I hope are some very exciting new things from me including a revival of SL Michaels and the #Stonewall gang in my young adult series as well as my first Women’s Fiction. I have two surprises up my sleeve I’m not quite ready to share, but hopefully soon.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I wish you all a Happy New Year.



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