♥ Highly Anticipated Event ♥

If you’ve been following me or read my books, this will not be a news flash for you. I’m a hopeless romantic!

I swoon all over Hallmark movie heroes and heroines. Corny? Maybe, but it’s that short-lived escape from an all-to-unkind world as-of-late that warms my heart and inspires me to write stories that make people feel the way those movies and my friends’ books do for me.

Hope. Kindness. Love. Excitement. Trials. Frustrations. Joy. Sorrow.  All the feels exist, and tonight I’m among the other “hearties” eagerly awaiting the wedding of the year. No, I am not talking about the upcoming Royal wedding, although this couple is considered royalty among their friends in Hope Valley.

I am referring to the long-awaited nuptials of Jack and Elizabeth on When Calls the Heart. Did you hear my audible sigh? Thank you Janette Okes for writing such an amazing story that started it all.

I’m deep in the writing cave today, but I am excited and will pause to celebrate the union of Jack Thornton and Elizabeth Thatcher this evening.

Thank you Hallmark for bringing us lovely entertainment and to the cast of When Calls the Heart – you have truly captured our ♥.

Happy Wedding Day, Jack and Elizabeth.



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