Peach Logic Book 3 – It’s Beau’s turn

Talent And Virtuosity.

Write to the Heart is available now for pre-order!

Pre-order Now

Savanna Grey completes the Peach Logic series with the much anticipated book Write to the Heart!

Happy in his own little world
Beau Tipton would rather be alone writing music than in a crowd on any given day. Writing is his first love…his only love as far as he is concerned.

Conquering the world one song at a time
Miranda Daley embraces life with a vigor most envy. The youngest and only daughter with four older brothers, she’s used to fighting for what she wants.

When Beau and Miranda are thrown together on a writing assignment, their different perspectives clash, threatening the success of their project. Beau finds Miranda irrational and a look before you leap kind of girl. Miranda is determined to drag Beau out of his comfort zone.

Beau isn’t certain they can find middle ground, especially since the aggravating women won’t leave him alone…even in the shower!

WTH teaser 2

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