Love Unexpected Compilation

January is typically a blah kind of month, isn’t it? I know it is for me. My schedule generally includes a new release in February. This year is no different. What is different is that I decided to put together a few short stories to hopefully brighten your day and lighten your emotional load if just for a little while.

Love Unexpected is a compilation of sweet with heat short stories sure to warm the heart.

A successful advertising account executive, Abigail Bradley is not unaccustomed to handling challenging situations. She’s worked hard to not only build her client list but also her standing within her organization. Not even Alec Whitcombe is going to stand in her way.
Laura Crawford is turning thirty. She’s just been promoted. She has everything she’s ever wanted, or does she?
Sam and Lilly were high school sweethearts destined to be together…or so they thought until life threw Lilly a curve ball. Her dreams were put on hold while she forced Sam to go after his without her.

Mia Benedetti has made it her sole mission to thaw her boss’s heart. The only problem with her plan is her own heart may be in danger in the process.

Unexpected Love Short Stories cover jpg

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