New Year – New Stories

I gauge time by my schedule. I’m a planner. Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines. My survival depends on it. No. Really.

  • Deadlines for books
  • Deadlines for edits.
  • Deadlines for covers
  • Deadlines for newsletters
  • Deadlines for ARCS
  • Deadlines for EVERYTHING

A new year means new stories. Yay! So many of you have written to me and asked if any of the characters from COUNTRY CHRISTMAS will receive their own story. The answer is YES!

You met Dalton and the members of Peach Logic as well as Sara’s best friend, Luke. All will receive their own stories this year. Release date information is included in my monthly newsletter coming out January 15th.

If you aren’t a newsletter subscriber, you can join here.

While you are waiting for Dalton’s story, I did announce this week a surprise novella coming February 14th. Be sure to add HEARTS DISGUISED to your TBR list.


Happy New Year!



2 thoughts on “New Year – New Stories”

  1. I am trying to enjoy your book but the grammar is very detracting. For example; when you use a pencil, you WRITE. When you are correct, you are RIGHT. The word ‘your’ means belonging to, as in “Is that YOUR car?” To shorten the phrase ‘you are’, use you’re. So your character WRITES music, if he did it the way he was supposed to he would be right.

    1. Thank you so much for reaching out. Unfortunately, we had an incorrect version loaded. That has been corrected. I would be happy to resend you an electronic copy if you would like.
      I do not take for granted the fact that out of all the ebooks, you chose mine as one to read.
      If you would like a fresh copy, please provide the email to send it too.
      Again, thank you for reaching out.


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