Hot Monkey Sex

Got your attention? I’m literally snorting as I type right now. I just listened to Susan Mallery give advice on character development. I spit coffee when she said we all want the guy we can fall in love with and have “hot monkey sex”.

She can provide a visual, can’t she? Love her.

I spend an hour a day on growth time to invest in me. I learn so much from fellow writers. Their experiences are priceless. I read articles, watch interviews…I soak it in to find tidbits to help me grow in my development.

I’m currently plotting out the next book in the S L Michael’s #StoneWall series as well as writing the first #PeachLogic book. The audiences are very different for these two books. Character development is crucial.

Writing about drug addiction versus a sweet with heat love story are two very different worlds. Sometimes the multiple personalities make my head spin, and I love it!

It’s crazy. It’s frustrating. It’s exciting. It’s heartbreaking. All rolled together to hopefully create a story that pulls at the heartstrings and leaves you wanting more.

My characters are like old friends by the time the book is done. Some I like more than others. That’s true to life too, isn’t it? LOL

While not all of them will leave you wanting to have hot monkey sex, I hope they are characters you’d like to know better and can relate to on some level.

Watch for updates and introductions coming soon.




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