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Country Christmas is coming November 15th


Nate Daniels is taking a much needed two-week break away from his newly found fame to rest, regroup and write new music.
His friend, Dalton, recommends his cousin’s bed and breakfast in the Virginia mountains as the perfect getaway.

Sara Davenport runs Simply Sara’s Bed and Breakfast. She is an independent, fun-loving small town girl unimpressed with Nate’s fortune and fame. He’s more impressed with her and her baking skills. Her chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate are enough to make him promise anything as long as she keeps feeding him.

Spending time with Sara has reawakened Nate’s creative mojo. Lyrics are flowing as sparks ignite between them.
Sara is pushing back knowing Nate is only passing through, but when the day comes for Nate to go back on the road, will his lifelong dream of performing on the big stage mean more to him than finding lifelong happiness with Sara?

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The Choices We Make is releasing November 29th

The Choices We Make ebook.jpg

Sydney Garrett loves her home town. She’s devoted her life to keeping Garrett’s Point, part of her namesake, a place people are proud to call home. Running for mayor is the next logical step in her career. She doesn’t have time for much of a personal life. She has her friends and her family, and she’s perfectly happy with that…or so she thought.

Her neat and orderly world is turned upside down when Ethan Hawke walks into her office. Five years have past since she last saw him. Now he has shown up in her town to fill in as interim doctor. He seems determined on picking up where they left off.

The reasons they shouldn’t be together haven’t changed. Sydney doesn’t need the distraction of a short romance that could break her heart once again. She doesn’t know if she is strong enough to resist the only love she has ever known.

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