Planning Session


How many of us are reflecting on the closure of one year and looking to the new? Most of us I would imagine.

For me, 2015 has been full of change, challenge and countless ups and downs. A new day job that challenges not only my skills as a leader but as a persona able to adjust and lead change, a new additional to our grandchildren (I’m soooo in love) and not giving up on my dreams to do what I love.

So, I have always been one to tout ‘Never Give Up’. I’ve been derailed this fall and winter and had to put my writing on hold, but the stories and characters have been screaming for release. I’m so very excited to be back in the writing cave doing what I love. I have so much I want…no – need- to share.

Patience has NEVER been my strong suit. The Lord knows this best, for I am tested…and fail…a lot. Looking to 2016 I have coached myself to be okay with adjusting or renegotiating my plans when needed. Life doesn’t always go as planned no matter how well we lay it out, does it? Hey, for me, that’s frustrating because I am an A-#1 planner! Life lessons have taught me that I can learn to adjust the sail or wear my butt out fighting it.

I am a firm believer in the work smarter not harder theory.

This afternoon I am I am organizing (reorganizing) my thoughts and layouts for the next three books. I’m going to finish out the Garrett’s Point series for my readers as promised. Melanie and Sydney are waiting.

The newest project I feel is very special. I was so excited when this idea bloomed. It was during my morning drive and prayer time. Many delays later, I am excited to bring the Young Adult #Stonewall series to life for you in 2016 through my alternate pseudonym S L Michaels.

I’m excited to reengage my readers and submerge myself in the cave.

As my family and I ring in the new year (if I’m not asleep) I am tingling with the excitement of new things to come and ready for the challenges that await.

I wish you a Happy, Successful, Healthy New Year!




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