Found it…Now how to keep it?

You know the excitement and energy you feel at the beginning of a romance? You know the butterflies in the tummy, the giddiness as the clock ticks closer to the time when you will see each other, the goofy smile on your face when you think of him? It’s warm, it’s fuzzy, it’s bubbly and then…it fizzles somewhat, sometimes goes flat. What happens?

I watched a Mother’s Day movie this past weekend that focused on a married couple that had lost that fizzle and connection with each other due to their crazy busy lives. It soooo resonated with me on so many levels. I love my husband more than the mere words could express, but I wonder if he really feels like I do sometimes.

We have become so busy at running the business of our lives with four children, two careers – well three and four if you count writing and his hobbies- that sometimes it feels like we could be staring in the movie Groundhog Day ourselves. You know the one…repeating the same thing day after day. Get up. Get kids ready for school. Go to work. Go home. Eat dinner. Homework. Laundry. Baths. Bed. Do it all again.

Somewhere in the middle of raising a family and building careers, we have lost the art of talking to each other about each other. It’s usually “Are you taking Sara to the doctor? Are you picking up the dry cleaning? Did you go to the bank? We need milk. I know some of you must be nodding your heads in agreement.

So, my point is this movie inspired me. How so, you ask? Well, here I am writing romance and it wouldn’t hurt to add a little more romance to my life. I am certain my husband wouldn’t mind. J

I found this great idea on Pinterest. Who doesn’t love Pinterest? Am I right? Anyway, I am going to create monthly envelopes for date nights. My husband and I are going to go on at minimum two ALONE adult date nights with different themes. Things that he likes to do and things I like to do. I am really excited about this.

The fun part will be putting the envelopes together. I am going to have him come up with his date night ideas and put them in the envelopes. I will do the same. The ideas will be a surprise to the other partner!

I can’t wait! I challenge you to do the same. Rekindle, rejuvenate, re-energize yourselves and have fun and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Happy Planning and let me know how it goes.



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