Cover Reveal

I couldn’t wait until July 15th to share the cover of Book 2 in the Garrett’s Point series. Grady and Kathryn are exciting, frustrating, and combustible in Conflicted Hearts hitting eBook shelves July 29th!

Kathryn Gilbert’s life in Garrett’s Point, Virginia is full of love. She has three best friends she adores, a job as a newspaper reporter that gives her freedom to explore her creativity on most days, and a town she is rooted in.
Who cares if she is still single at 29? She doesn’t foresee marriage in her deck of cards, not with her dysfunctional family history. Sex in the shower will just have to do, or so she keeps telling herself.
Sheriff Grady McCloud has been rescuing Kathryn since she had pigtails. Her spontaneous spirit has gotten her into more than one predicament over the years. Quite frankly he’s surprised he’s never had the occasion to arrest her.
Their thick as mud friendship is tested when a potential threat and long-time mystery is brought to the forefront with Kathryn leading the charge after she receives the scare of her life. What lies just below the surface between Kathryn and Grady bubbles over, leaving Kathryn running for cover from more than old houses and legends.
Kathryn faces her fears to attempt to put a town, a family and a house at rest with Grady’s ever-present support. When Kat is up to bat, and Grady is the one in need, will her conflicted heart cause her to strike out or will she overcome her own roadblocks to lead her heart home?


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