Musings from my cluttered head

A reader made a comment to me that my books and covers are “predictable” because they always have a happy ending.
I thought about this, and I agree, but isn’t that the point?
I write contemporary romance. If you choose my book based on the category it’s written for wouldn’t your expectation be a HEA?
Of course a story, just as we mimic life, has it’s share of fears, tears, love and laughter. My favorite part of a story is the drama that breaks them apart and holding my breath to see how they work it out.
I read a book just like I watch a movie. Drives my family crazy. The “Oh Em Gees” and yes, actual tears will flow when someone’s heart is broken.
I usually hear “it’s just a movie, Mom!”
Anybody else relate?
I love the characters that come to me to tell their stories. That’s how it happens. Doesn’t matter where I am. Shower, driving, writing another story (that gets interesting)…
I love what I write and hope to share many more HEAs with you.
If I can lighten your heart and introduce you to new fictional friends that you fall in love with too, then I feel accomplished.

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