Let’s Swag!

Happy Friday! I love Fridays and, I love my supporters! Let’s give some swag away. Tell me what draws you in to a story. 3 winners of various swag chosen Sunday Feb 23rd.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Swag!”

  1. 1) REAL characters – characters that you could see yourself being drawn to in real life.

    2) Good dialogue. Nothing can ruin a book like bad dialogue.

    3) The build-up. Far too often these days, authors have the main characters ‘getting it on’ way too early. I need some build up – nothing is better than the anticipation of “will they/won’t they”.

    Thanks for the chance by the way 🙂 I could use some Playing For Keeps swag to match my Coming Home stuff 😉

  2. I like good imagery. I need to be able to picture the people and places I’m reading about. Relatable characters are a must. I also like a good build up in a story. If everything happens at lightning speed it really kills it for me.

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